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Talent management is integral to every modern business and should be used throughout an employee’s lifecycle at any organisation.

It is used by companies to attract highly skilled candidates, integrate their new hires, and develop their current employees to meet and exceed their business objectives.

Identifi believes that talent management should be utilised right at the start of your candidate journey, and not necessarily being driven as a client led requirement, we want to include talent management before a hiring decision has been made and for those tools to support your application and profile and suitability.

This offering is very much in line with our company ethos of being candidate led and providing an industry leading candidate experience which is different to other recruitment agencies. We are now implementing sleek and structured talent management into the recruitment process which has proven to yield increased engagement and retention of new employees.

Talent management shouldn’t have to start with the hiring company, we believe it can, and should, start with the recruitment agency.

Our Unique Candidate Proposition

Identifi have developed a candidate proposition that offers every Identifi candidate the ability to take our advanced profiling assessment. We simply ask that you are registered with us and that one of our consultants has spoken with you.      

Coupling your CV with powerfully predictive psychometrics will give you the edge over other candidates when we submit you to a role, as well as help you and us determine your next career move. We believe that a well rounded and informative candidate pack will provide our clients with information about you that highlights why you’re the best person for the role.     

Talent management tools are proven to:   

  • Guide candidates into a role that is right for them
  • Create an engaging and informative candidate experience
  • Allow employers a deeper understanding of candidates
  • Provide better professional development decisions
  • Help organisations retain and attract top talent

Identifi and our Talent management partner, Psycruit develop cutting-edge online psychometrics, assessment centres, development interventions, leadership programmes, and culture change processes that already have a track record of success in terms of their effectiveness, impact and return on investment.

As one of our candidates, after completing a personality profile you will receive a unique feedback report free of charge. Your report will highlight:

  • Your personality and preferred behaviours, emotional style, motivation, culture-fit at work
  • Development opportunities based on your unique personality profile
  • Hints and tips on how to adapt your style
  • Career guidance on the types of role that are likely to suit your personality

Identifi, through Psycruit also offer a whole suite of tailored reports for use by our clients.

These include:

  • Insights Report: the cornerstone of Psycruit, this report will tell you everything you need to know about your candidate’s occupational personality
  • Interview Guidance report: unique interview questions based on the candidates personality at work
  • Onboarding Report: designed for use by line managers on how to get the most out of their new team member
  • Sales Report: learn where their strengths lie on the sales cycle

And more... learn about individual team strengths and leadership styles too.

The platform also hosts a variety of cognitive ability and situational judgment tests to assess mental fire power and approach to work place scenarios.

For more information about these please get in touch:  

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  • I did and yes I do, top job - I couldn't have asked for anymore - Sam's support and others were excellent - Thank you.

    John - Senior Cyber Security Practitioner (Nov 2017)
  • ''I also want to make a special mention of Mark Gale. This is my first contract role and he has answered my 'stupid questions' with a great deal of patience and professionalism and I would like to record my thanks...well done Mark''

    Simon - Contract Security Analyst - Jan 2018
  • Yes I feel as though you certainly delivered on your candidate charter.
    Imran - Penetration Tester (Jan 2018)
  • Yes overall delivered on my expectations, thank you.
    Avtar - Security Operations Analyst (Jan 2018)
  • I haven’t read it yet, but it was apparent from the start of the process that Andra and the team were going the extra mile. I was treated more like a person throughout rather than a commodity. I was very impressed.

    Jason - Incident Manager - (Feb 2018)
  • I felt I knew a fair bit about the role and company from the outset and this helped me succeed at the interview.

    Peter - Information Security Officer - (Feb 2018)
  • Yes, I read, and Yes, you have delivered on your promise, thank you.

    Siamak - Head of Software Security - (Feb 2018)
  • Yes, and the engagement is in line with the charter

    Bill - Cyber Security Project Manager - (Feb 2018)
  • Yes, you delivered on the 10 points of your Charter and provided service which exceeded the service I have received from other (much larger) recruitment agencies. You are how the industry should be.

    Graham - Security Improvement Project Manager - (March 2018)