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Innovative, effective specialist volume recruitment

​The identifi Talent Community is your virtual talent pooling and RPO solution – using cloud, web and app technology to enable businesses to have access to our professional network, fast.​

identifi Talent Community is a recruitment solution that has been designed to work with our clients to build relevant ‘Virtual Talent Pools’ across the UK, or within specific locations. We believe this is a unique proposition for companies, with a methodology and process that can be applied to any role and any organisation. Typically, volume and replication are the two key triggers for this service.       

Your dedicated client team works to develop a Talent Community of candidates who have been qualified and evaluated against your requirements. We develop a candidate experience that is seamless, integrated and consistent, regardless of channel or device. Candidates are able to see what it's like to work for you, understanding what your company does and the opportunities on offer.

Whether calling our recruitment team or consultant on the phone, viewing your careers page, using an app on their device or accessing an online publication, each element of the candidate journey is designed to be consistent and complementary. Utilising multiple communication channels allows us to target the widest pool of candidates and tailor the most appropriate method of candidate attraction for a specific role. While candidates may land in one of our channels out of curiosity, the experience will guide them to look further, through enticing and interactive content to encourage them to progress to application.

We no longer rely on mass marketing and have moved towards more personalised communications with our clients’ potential workforce through the various channels and on the many devices they use. The identifi Talent Community has been designed to provide stronger ROI and return against more traditional print media, television or batch email campaigns to attract and hire resources. We believe that if we develop a unique client Talent Community experience, the benefits will be:

  • Candidates will see your business or organisation as a best-of-breed destination employer

  • Good recruitment practice aligns with positive brand recognition

  • Candidates will approach us rather than us having to resource them

  • We will be in a position to develop a Resource to Plan model

How we do this

We walk in our candidates’ shoes

We'll regularly review the candidate experience in order to research, attract and connect with more candidates. We test the experience by going through the process and interacting via all available channels. We check for any unnecessary barriers and ensure everyone has a delightful experience.

We measure everything

Data is everything! We are able to understand which recruitment campaigns work best using rich information on the response of the talent community over time. We have enough data at the candidate-level to see how they interact both online and offline, so we can tailor messaging and communications to them by the appropriate channel with the most relevant information.

We develop content that addresses candidates’ interests

Content and messaging are key. If a candidate has previously engaged with us, we’ll want to consider that in our messaging. If a candidate has clicked a particular link on the website or reacted to a particular campaign, we’ll use this data in future campaigns.

Detailed information is held on every candidate on a cloud-based CMS system, which allows for continuous communication with candidates, as well as the ability to adapt and tailor marketing based on recruitment needs. We are effectively building a recruitment omnichannel through which we communicate with and market to future hires.

We know every organisation is different, which is why we believe our broad experience can help us to develop the best understanding of how to help your organisation. This creative method to volume talent pooling and recruitment adds value through modern attraction techniques, retention, employee engagement, employer branding and social recruiting.

A typical process design and implementation will include:    

  • A dedicated Identifi team engaged to continuously and extensively search for relevant candidates to develop and nurture your Talent Community.

  • All candidates are thoroughly researched, screened and interviewed to identify their skillset, and their candidate file is coded in relation to your job family and specification.

  • When it’s time to recruit, identifi take a full brief for the role including location, specifically designed attraction campaigns and purposely designed supporting documentation to align with the company and role specification.

  • We can design competency based interview questions and assessment techniques appropriate to the role.

  • Advert responses and requests for information are handled by identifi, with candidate information added to your Talent Database.

  • Suitable candidate packs, including CV, summary of assessments and our personnel recommendation based on our own assessment are then shared with you, and suitable candidates are then invited to a technical interview.

  • Communication remains continuous with all of the candidates, allowing us to build an engaged talent community. This enables us to return to past candidates as new roles become available.

  • Digitally transforming the recruitment process brings about a change in information being held on paper and memory, to an accessible digital database of qualified and coded data on all applicants.

  • Every candidate held on the Talent Community database has their file regularly updated and is assessed against new roles as they arise.

  • Once a suitable candidate has been found, an offer is prepared and presented to the successful candidate/s with counter-offer consultation from identifi, where appropriate.

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  • "Sarah Jane Taylor was fantastic throughout and had my interests at heart.”
    Lee - Change & Release Manager (April 2017) Lee
  • "I must say, this is by far the best agency I have worked with throughout my career. Peter was ever so positive and always updated me on anything that came up. I know for sure that had it not been for him, I would not be placed in my current role. He is very professional, and I would like to be placed by the same agency for my next role once my contract comes to an end."
    Susan - GDPR Specialist (April 2017)
  • "Sam has been great throughout the whole process. Really friendly, very professional. I have already highly recommended you. Thanks for everything."
    Kerrie - Security Analyst (April 2017)
  • Over the moon with my new job. Michelle was a delight to talk with and very responsive. I would recommend her to anyone who was looking for a new job. Very happy, thanks again.
    Anthony - Technician (April 2017) Anthony
  • Yes, you have delivered on your promise and much more than that
    Marvin - Technician (April 2017) Marvin
  • Yes, Sam Page was patient with me as I was hard to reach at times - really positive experience
    Theo - SOC Analyst (March 2017) Theo - SOC Analyst
  • ''I just would like to add a few points to explain why I am so satisfied with your service: - Demeanor: at every interaction I have had with Identifi, your staff behaved impeccably. Mark was not only polite and professional, but calm and collected. Candidates appreciate that sort of energy as job hunting is stressful enough. Every time I spoke with Mark I felt that he was prepared and on the ball, that he had the time and willingness to help. I did not feel like he was rushing through bullet points with me because he had better things to do. That matters. - Above and beyond: Mark also went out of his way to help me to prepare to the interview, even finding me the best routes to get to the location. I also appreciated small but impressive gestures like his polite text message of encouragement before the interview. All in all, I cannot fault Mark and his team on any thing throughout the hiring process. I believe the support I received has influenced my ability to perform and eventually get the position. Thank you!"
    Monique - Digital Business Analyst (May 2017) Monique
  • I'll add that Gary Fay has been a pleasure to work with and this has been the best recruitment firm I've worked with by far, keep doing as you are and thanks for everything.
    Dan - Technical Lead (May 2017 Dan
  • Delivered extremely well and will not hesitate to recommend you
    Robin - Test Manager (June 2017) Robin