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Candidate Charter

The Candidate Charter – Our Guarantee of Quality

Recognising that excellent service is something many recruiters pay lip-service to but fail to deliver, we developed our Candidate Charter on founding identifi global, in 2015.

Fully measurable, this ten-point model outlines our obligation to each candidate we work with. It also forms the basis for our consultants’ commission. After placing candidates in a role, we survey them to see if they believe identifi, offered a recruitment experience equivalent to the standards set below. If not, our team will not receive their full commission.

Unlike other agencies, we, therefore, guarantee a truly candidate-led experience, from enquiry through to your placement and at every step afterwards.

The Charter

  • As a candidate, you will be treated with honesty and integrity at all times.

  • You will not be put forward for a role without your express permission.

  • For any role, we will provide you with a full job specification, salary information and details of key benefits. We will also inform you about the company culture – information which is missing from most job specifications.

  • We will always provide you with detailed information about the processes for upcoming interviews, keeping you informed and prepared.

  • We will always let you know when a position has been filled or withdrawn.

  • We will always respond to your requests within 24 hours, and update you on your application every 48 hours or sooner.

  • All applications and communications will be processed with utmost confidentiality.

  • We will always listen to your feedback and act upon it.

  • We seek to maintain contact and build relationships with you over time, providing a single consistent point of contact and making sure we’re there to offer support over the course of your career development.

  • Your candidate record will be constantly updated, keeping it current and relevant.

Since we were founded in 2015, identifi has successfully placed several hundred candidates, with a 100% retention rate for the businesses we work with.
“Identifi offer me something other recruiters can’t: a stream of qualified, ambitious candidates that we can trust to stay with us, having been thoroughly vetted by the identifi team.”
– Director of Human Resources, Global Professional Services organisation

"When identifi came and met with us, we loved the idea of them being able to measure a tangible candidate experience - they work in line with our business managers and we consider them to be a partner - not just a supplier"    

- Head of Resourcing - Financial Services 

"It has become a running joke - "I bet you cant find me someone to do this "- So far, they've delivered everytime"    

- Head of EMEA Digital Transformation - Hospitality Sector 

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  • "Sarah Jane Taylor was fantastic throughout and had my interests at heart.”
    Lee - Change & Release Manager (April 2017) Lee
  • "I must say, this is by far the best agency I have worked with throughout my career. Peter was ever so positive and always updated me on anything that came up. I know for sure that had it not been for him, I would not be placed in my current role. He is very professional, and I would like to be placed by the same agency for my next role once my contract comes to an end."
    Susan - GDPR Specialist (April 2017)
  • "Sam has been great throughout the whole process. Really friendly, very professional. I have already highly recommended you. Thanks for everything."
    Kerrie - Security Analyst (April 2017)
  • Over the moon with my new job. Michelle was a delight to talk with and very responsive. I would recommend her to anyone who was looking for a new job. Very happy, thanks again.
    Anthony - Technician (April 2017) Anthony
  • Yes, you have delivered on your promise and much more than that
    Marvin - Technician (April 2017) Marvin
  • Yes, Sam Page was patient with me as I was hard to reach at times - really positive experience
    Theo - SOC Analyst (March 2017) Theo - SOC Analyst
  • ''I just would like to add a few points to explain why I am so satisfied with your service: - Demeanor: at every interaction I have had with Identifi, your staff behaved impeccably. Mark was not only polite and professional, but calm and collected. Candidates appreciate that sort of energy as job hunting is stressful enough. Every time I spoke with Mark I felt that he was prepared and on the ball, that he had the time and willingness to help. I did not feel like he was rushing through bullet points with me because he had better things to do. That matters. - Above and beyond: Mark also went out of his way to help me to prepare to the interview, even finding me the best routes to get to the location. I also appreciated small but impressive gestures like his polite text message of encouragement before the interview. All in all, I cannot fault Mark and his team on any thing throughout the hiring process. I believe the support I received has influenced my ability to perform and eventually get the position. Thank you!"
    Monique - Digital Business Analyst (May 2017) Monique
  • I'll add that Gary Fay has been a pleasure to work with and this has been the best recruitment firm I've worked with by far, keep doing as you are and thanks for everything.
    Dan - Technical Lead (May 2017 Dan
  • Delivered extremely well and will not hesitate to recommend you
    Robin - Test Manager (June 2017) Robin