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Women can help close the Cyber Security talent gap in 2016

Posted on 8/06/2017 by Gary Fay


The UK and European IT industry is set to suffer a talent shortage of 1.5 million security professionals by 2020, according to industry forecasts. about that for a headline?

While the Cyber Threat continues to march on in its sophistication, the gap for available cyber talent continues to widen.

UK Industry acknowledges the lack of skilled security candidates yet the UK security spend is anticipated to rise, with half of UK based business expecting to increase investment in security tools and technologies in 2016.

A few weeks ago, a satirical news site published an article titled, "China unable to recruit hackers fast enough to keep up with vulnerabilities in the Western security systems." funny because it’s probably a little bit true.

In the face of an unprecedented threat from abroad and at home, the U.K is facing a severe shortage of cyber security talent that shows no signs of slowing. According to all published reports in 2015 – (I couldn’t find one report to disagree) UK industry believes there is a shortage of skilled cyber security professionals.

Coupled with an estimated 900, 000 unfilled IT jobs across the EU in 2015 which is estimated to grow to over 1.5 million by 2020, we think it’s a fair assumption to state that we have a talent problem.

The technology sector, HR and the Recruitment sector have talked and worried about ‘The War for Talent’ and the ‘Talent Shortage’ for years but it does beg the question why we are not training and developing new people into the industry better than before.

Isn’t it time that both industry, further education and training organisations make cybersecurity training more affordable, more accessible and in particularly more  relevant – we not only want to close the skills gap but we need to be increasing the numbers of underrepresented groups – key to that are women in technology and women in cyber.

Globally, it is reported that 62% of men and 75% of women said no further education or school computer classes offered the skills to help them pursue a career in cybersecurity.

How many companies are providing full learning and development programmes that not only train but also qualify their people in current cyber security qualifications?  

We need a better way to develop our UK cyber talent market, we need to decrease the cost of training and increase the accessibility for these critical skills.

Identifi would point out that only 6% of information security professionals in the UK are women, and that needs to change. If industry can engage more IT andcyber job seeking women, we believe the skills gap will shorten.

The cyber security industry urgently needs skilled professionals to fill critical jobs, and women have been a largely untapped resource.

identifi global resources have a unique view of the UK security jobs market and being located at the world famous Bletchley Park (home of the code breakers) with its unique, top-secret heritage including the Enigma machine, The National Museum of Computing and home of the UK Cyber Security Challenge, identifi global are very close to what the UK and European Security market is thinking and doing to protect themselves in 2016.

identifi has a team of cyber security recruitment specialists who can source leading Interim and Permanent security experts into a range of businesses – from the vendors who develops and sell the products and solutions, to the consultancies that provide integration and value added services, plus the end users that seek protection, assurance and compliance. 

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