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The Future is ‘Search & Headhunting’

Posted on 8/06/2017 by Gary Fay


‘’Internal Recruitment teams are a good thing for clients and a good thing for recruitment agencies’’…………Now that’s a statement you don’t hear very often from an agency recruiter!!   

In short, the recruitment landscape is changing and no longer can a recruiter expect to pick up every role within their client.

Contingent Recruitment is now about providing the unique, the hard to find, the specialist….the candidate an internal team can’t dedicate the time to find.     

We are now in a perfect storm. We have large, capable and highly talented internal recruitment teams versus agencies that must now provide a specialist service to compete therefore the art of Search and Headhunting has become the recruiter’s key skill and service offering.

No longer can we simply use a job board and expect to find a uniquely skilled candidate, if we do (Lucky), they’ll either have 6 other interviews and two offers on the table or they’ll be so in demand, their salary just went up by 10%.

Headhunting is the art of the direct approach. Done properly, it’s highly professional and it’s not about upsetting someone who is happy in their role, it’s about presenting a uniquely talented individual with an opportunity. Conversely, this is why clients must be doing so much more to engage their staff. 

Exec Search is no longer the exclusive market of the C-Suite candidate or the high end boutique search agency. Seniority, nor the salary determines what goes to a Headhunter and Search agency.     

Firstly, the Skill set is now the determining factor of what falls into what requires a Search and Headhunting approach, closely followed by the timescale – ‘’when do you want the person to start?’’ 

Once upon a time, you could advertise a role and expect to be flooded with CV’s. Today, the response from a job board is minimal and typically doesn’t provide the ‘best talent’.

The simple fact is, in today’s market, if you want the best and you have a ‘Must have skills or experience’ list, if you have to guarantee a successful outcome – you simply have be able to headhunt.

And that means headhunting the passive individuals and those not looking to move. 

Typically, job board responses are 65% less likely to be an exact match to your requirement. A few years ago the volumes response from an advert was so large, you’d always have 1 good cv out of every 10, today, it’s more likely 1 in 30.

Candidates sitting on a job board have so many job alerts set up and will add every role they see as a close match to their basket – the likelihood of a good advert response is minimal. If we consider that only 15% of the candidate market is on a job board, headhunting is the only way forwards. 

If you couple a high demand and short supply market with a ‘Must Have’ skill set, your heading for trouble if you’re simply relying on job boards and LinkedIn. 

We are in a true ‘Candidate Driven Market’ and understandably, we are seeing salaries go up as a consequence.

Therefore – Headhunting and the ability to Search has never been so important – volume recruitment should be left to internal recruitment teams and RPO and specialist recruitment is now firmly the domain of the Recruitment Agency.

Speak to identifi global about how we ‘Headhunt’ and ‘Search’ for the best Cyber Security, Business IT and Digital talent and how we work in tandem and supplement your internal recruitment teams.    

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