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identifi global resources - 'The Perfect Storm' Cyber Security resourcing in 2016

Posted on 8/06/2017 by Gary Fay


Current Security market insight from identifi global resources is reporting great demand for CyberSecurity and Information Security professionals in 2015 but particularly as they look out into 2016.

Peter Sanders – Director of the identifi Security Practice says ‘It’s almost a perfect storm, not only are we seeing a UK and European Security candidate talent shortage in this critical business area but we’re seeing climbing permanent salaries and higher day rates being driven by the demand’

Security management generally in 2015 has seen a steady salary increase of around 10% however more specialist Security roles such as Identity Management is seeing increases of around 29% this year alone, Vulnerability skills are still in high demand but that trend has been continuous since 2014.  

It is worth noting for industry IT leaders that the Professional Services firms are now paying around a 41% salary increase in 2015 alone for Security Professionals and thus compounding the candidate shortage problem. This high specialist recruitment activity by the Professionals Services industry is clearly making the candidate shortage even shorter – no doubt professional services fees have also increased!!       

We see no reason for this high candidate demand to slow down in 2016 and beyond and we see more reasons for companies to add to their defenses against hackers and generally for them to shore up their vulnerability. Recent high profile security breaches at companies such Talk Talk and even social media and more personnel sites such as Ashley Maddison have only added to industry and the wider public's nervous stance on how their organisations and personnel data is protected – the PR fallout from a security breach alone can be fatal.     

PWC were commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) in 2015 to survey companies across the UK on cyber security incidents and emerging trends and the key observations were:

  • The number of security breaches has increased, the scale and cost has nearly doubled. Eleven percent of respondents changed the nature of their business as a result of their worst breach.
  • Not as many organisations increased their spending in information security, and fewer organisations than in previous years expect to spend more in the future.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 large organisations surveyed now suffer some form of security breach – suggesting that these incidents are now a near certainty. Businesses should ensure they are managing the risk accordingly.
  • Despite the increase in staff awareness training, people are as likely to cause a breach as viruses and other types of malicious software.
  • When looking at drivers for information security expenditure, ‘Protecting customer information’ and ‘Protecting the organisation’s reputation’ account for over half of the responses.
  • The trend in outsourcing certain security functions and the use of ‘Cloud computing and storage’ continue to rise.

With all of these industry observations in mind, we expect the biggest growth area next year to be in Cybersecurity Crisis Management, with companies adding to and growing their own security teams, knowledge and internal expertise, as well as needing the services of the Contract and Interim market to supplement the permanent market.  

identifi global resources have a unique view of the UK security jobs market and being located at the world famous Bletchley Park (home of the code breakers) with its unique, top-secret heritage including the Enigma machine, The National Museum of Computing and home of the UK Cyber Security Challenge, identifi global are very close to what the UK and European Security market is thinking and doing to protect themselves in 2016.

identifi has a team of cyber security recruitment specialists who can source leading Interim and Permanent security experts into a range of businesses – from the vendors who develops and sell the products and solutions, to the consultancies that provide integration and value added services, plus the end users that seek protection, assurance and compliance. 

In short, the key advice from them is to not get caught with your resource planning – act early and act now or the UK talent shortage may well harm your business in areas not yet considered.     

Speak with Gary Fay or Peter Sanders at identifi to discuss your resource planning for 2016 in more detail - Happy to Help

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