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A Professional Recruitment Agency Can Help Build Your Career….and it’s FREE

Posted on 8/06/2017 by Gary Fay


We all want more pay, we want to work less, you might want more responsibility or that next promotion.

Your best chance of landing that dream job is your recruitment agency – But like anything in life, choose carefully.

Mr & Mrs Candidate - Does your agency or recruiter treat you like a customer? ….they should

The many job boards and variants to send and share your CV to a vacancy is huge, you spend painstaking hours writing and rewriting your CV and in some cases a letter of introduction and finally press the ‘send’ button to that perfect job ………………only for the recruiter to speed read through the document, look for relevant words and finally delete. (They say a recruiter / client / line manager will take on average – 20 seconds per CV – wow, that’s quick).

In truth, on the other side of the fence, if you’ve ever advertised a vacancy, then you’ll be all too familiar with the resulting pile of CVs to review or an inbox that’s creaking at the sides with potential candidates.   

Trust us, when reviewing many CV’s the justification for sifting in or out can rest on the smallest detail and it’s all too easy for the reviewer to miss or discard a great candidate, sometimes over the smallest detail.

But, don’t despair.

Now consider your CV being represented by someone, consider someone bringing your cv to life and giving the client the personality and information behind the document, someone effectively selling you – that’s your recruiter and the good ones are very good at doing this and your CV becomes secondary and your recruiters pitch becomes primary, mainly because the client trusts the recruiter and has confidence in their ability to find the best talent for their business and importantly,  know their candidates 

Being professionally represented

Consider buying your next car – you know the model you want, you know the colour and you know the finer details that you’d like – Sat Nav, Seat warmers, Blue Tooth. Parking Sensors and all in metallic Azure Blue .

You have two choices to source and buy the car. You can log onto one of the many car web sites or wait for the local newspapers to arrive and then spend hours sifting through the many variations of the car you want – always having to concede on one of the many things on the wish list.


You could, pop down to the local showroom and speak with a professional who can build your dream car in exactly the configuration you want.

Not only that, your specialist knows their product so well, they can give you more than you bargained for, they open your eyes to extras and options you’d never even considered or thought you could afford or knew was available.

You now have access to your dream car, you have more than you bargained for, you have the car that hasn’t even been advertised yet and it’s in Azure Blue!!

This specialist is the same as your recruiter, they will have your CV sitting with the client, along with their own reasoning before the client even considers looking at other CV’s.

How do you find the right role with so many options?  

A professional recruiter will speak to you about the right option, they will know what looks right, what companies will fit you, which roles align with your aspirations - trust in them. They will occasionally get it wrong but in most cases, you will be presented to the right opportunity.   

Don’t forget, your recruiter works with the client every day, they know the business inside out, they understand the culture and the environment – they know what personalities fit the company. They even know the finer detail – ask them.

The end result is that your next role could be built around you. And if your recruiter can’t answer these questions – why don’t they know, it’s vital to finding the perfect next role for you. 

In it together

You want the prefect job and your recruiter wants to find you the perfect role, it’s why we exist – this should feel like a partnership, don’t forget, you are the customer. 

Our credibility is on the line with our clients, but also with you. If you’re not being treated as a customer and getting exceptional customer service – move on and find a recruiter who will understand what you require and who will dedicate the time to work with you and on your behalf  – the days of simply sending CV’s and hoping are gone.

This is why, if you get it right, a professional recruiter and recruitment agency can help build your career whilst enhancing their own career – it sounds like a perfect partnership doesn’t it.    

For Free - 

How often do pay for something and are disappointed or over charged?

Let’s not forget, Recruitment agencies don’t charge you, we charge our clients – Where else can you engage a professional for free who will work tirelessly on your behalf?         

Candidate Promise

Have a look at the identifi Global Candidate Promise. At the heart of our approach is the way we work with our candidates, who incidentally are also treated as clients. identifi Candidate Promise

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